Raise your sustainability performance with bespoke offsetting solutions

“It’s a collective endeavor. It’s collective accountability. And it may not be too late”

Christine Lagarde, Managing Director, International Monetary Fund

We help you offset CO2 emissions across the entire value chain with projects that resonate with your values and generate tangible benefits for local communities and ecosystems alike.

Helping businesses lead on climate action

All our offsets meet rigid quality criteria, which means, at the minimum, they should be


Olive Gaea Real

Reducing GHG emissions on the ground


Olive Gaea Additional

Covering reductions that won't happen otherwise


Olive Gaea Measurable

To manage it we need to measure it first


Olive Gaea Verifiable

By trusted and recognized third parties

This is how it works



Get scope I, II & III emission from your business calculated/validated.



Develop, align and integrate your sustainability strategy with your business.



Choose offset projects, from our portfolio, aligned with your sustainability strategy



Communicate to your stakeholders about your climate action around nature and people

Transform internally and engage your customers

Reach out to stakeholders and impress them with the results

Drive transition from the inside

Olive Gaea for business

Based on a rigorous value chain assessment we will cover you scope 1, 2 & 3 emissions, meaning that everything from your material extraction to production and employee office hours gets included within a single comprehensive offset plan

Inspire customers to act on climate

Olive Gaea for e-commerce

Secure e-connect API integrated solutions that allow your customers to personally ensure that every purchase they make and every service they order is 100% carbon neutral and aligned with their values

Why Olive Gaea?

Authentic project selection

Projects that matter

High grade projects aligned with your climate goals

Tech enablement

Tech-enabled trust

We give you tools to track it and check it, anywhere, anytime

Tangible value creation

See change happen

Explore the positive impact on communities and ecosystems you support

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